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Mission Community Foundation Funds

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The first fund entrusted to the Mission Foundation in 1987 was through the estate of the late Margaret Erskine, in the amount of $228,000 to be dedicated to post-secondary education for the students of Mission.   Since then, we have received monies from many organizations and citizens in Mission and the Fraser Valley Regional District and are pleased to say that we now have 84 different funds totaling just over 4.2 Million Dollars.

We consider it an honor to be entrusted with these funds and disburse them based on our benefactors wishes.  The monies are held in trust, invested prudently, and the interest monies are disbursed through scholarships and bursaries as well as dedicated funding for specific fields of interest.


Who benefits from these funds?

Middle School students can receive a GW Cooke award for Math or Science Excellence.  This award is a form of encouragement to students to stay on track with their education and to continue to contribute to the community through friendship and volunteerism.

Secondary School students can apply to receive Bursaries & Scholarships from a variety of funds dedicated to general and specific educational paths.  Each year, we review, interview, and select recipients based on academic achievement overall as well as academics their chosen field, all around achievement which takes into account volunteerism, sports, arts and work experience.  Written and verbal communication skills as well as general knowledge of the community and world are also scored.  We then look at the career paths stated by the students and match them to award monies available.

Organizations benefit in the form of Grants from the Foundation.  We have several dedicated funds for the benefit and enhancement of the community.  These grants are disbursed three times yearly.

If you are interested in starting a fund for a specific field of interest or a scholarship, please contact our Office Manager at 604.826.5322 and she can give you further information on how you can leave a legacy for others to remember you by.

Just $10 Campaign

Caring Fund

Yum Science Fund (5-037)

Mission Youth Centre Fund – MY House (6-011)

Vic & Hilda Hollister Fund (4-003)

Ted Brown Animal Welfare Fund – SU#23 (9-076)

Skillicorn – Melanchuk Bursaries (2-042)

Rotary Sustaining Scholars Fund (5-066)

Rotary Club – Literacy Endowment (8-064)

Ross Allan Memorial Fund (3-068)

Rock Family Hospice Fund (6-061)

Rock Family Food Program (8-054)

Rock Family Pharmacy Scholarship

Robson Fund: SU # 30 (9-087)

Robin & Fran Sorrell Fund

Reel on the River Fund

Ralph Babuik Fund

Public Art Endowment Fund (9-072)

Paula Chmilar Memorial Fund (5-059)

Norma Kenney Fund

Negrin Community Fund (7-034)

James Muir Family Fund (8-063)

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Legacy Fund (9-073)

Mission Loggers Sports Association (2-029)

Mission Lifetime Learning Association Fund

Mission Hospice Society Endowment Fund (6-032)

Mission Hillstompers Terry Cox Bursary Fund (9-088)

Mission Granite Club Fund

Mission District Historical Society Archives

Mission 2014 BC Winter Games Legacy Fund

Michael & Cynthia Butcher Fund (2-040)

McPherson Family Community Fund (7-050)

Marilyn McClinton Memorial Fund (3-051)

Marilyn Boswyk Memorial Fund

Margaret Erskine Bursary Fund

Marco Corbin Scholarship Fund (5-077)

Lee & Park Family Fund

LeDuc Bursaries (2-041)

Jonson Bequest Fund

John & BJ Pearson Fund

Jane Hyslop Memorial Fund: SU#28 (9-083)

James Slusarchuk Memorial Fund

James Patty Special Needs Fund (2-082)

Jack Cannon Memorial Fund (2-038)

Jack & Mary Brown Fund (9-075)

Hollister UFV Science/Tech Scholarship (4-015 & 4-016)

Hollister Trinity Western University Post Secondary Scholarship (4-031)

Hollister Trinity Western University Health Science Scholarship (4-028)

Hollister Trinity Western University General Scholarship (4-025)

Hollister General Fund (5-012)

Harris Family Fund (2-030)

Hannah Dodd Memorial Scholarship (5-069)

Glen Kask Theatrical Legacy Fund

Gerry Potter Memorial Bursary Fund

G. W. Cooke High Achievement Awards

G. W. (Bill) Harris Fund

Friends of the Library Fund

Finch Memorial Fund (4-035)

Fenmo Boswyk Music Fund

Esther Claire Kathleen Clemo Scholarship Fund (5-074)

Enabling Fund (1-013)

Ellis Family Fund (2-033)

Elizabeth O Stevens Memorial Fund (2-036)

Dirk Boswyk Memorial Fund

Derrough Fund

Debbie Mattson Memorial Fund (3-045)

David Fryer Fund

Cynthia Verhulst Memorial Scholarship (4-021)

CrimeStoppers Perpetual Fund (7-057)

Community Fund

Clint Lobb – Shake & Shingle Industry Fund (4-008)

Cliff & Marjorie Rock Family Fund

Circle of Wisdom Society (COWS) (3-052)

Carrie Skillicorn Fund (3-047)

Carly Rae Jepsen Bursary Fund

Calnek Family Fund (9-067)

Builders Fund (7-071)

Bernice Cordick Fund (3-046)

Beaton Patience Drug & Alcohol Prevention Fund (8-017)

Annette Fitch Memorial Fund (3-044)

Animal Welfare Fund

Albert McMahon Mission City Rotary Fund (8-009)

Albert McMahon Memorial Fund

Adair Family Fund