G. W. Cooke High Achievement Awards

George Willoughby CookeThe George Willoughby Cooke Fund was established in 1992 by Bill and Shirley Walker.  Its purpose is to recognize grades 7, 8 and 9 student achievement in Math and Science, as well as displaying kindness in their interactions with others. Recognition medallions are provided to the students.

George Willoughby Cooke was a long-time friend of Bill and Shirley Walker. Mr. Cooke and his wife, Marjory, were residents of Mission for many years.  During his lengthy friendship with Bill and Shirley Walker, Mr. Cooke extended many kindnesses to them.  As an honour to his name and in remembrance of his friendship and generosity, Mr. and Mrs. Walker established this fund to share with others the type of kindness George Willoughby Cooke shared with them.

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