James Patty Special Needs Fund (2-082)


The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support for mentally challenged youth and adults who reside within the Fraser Valley with a preference being given to the residents of the Mission District.

Consideration will also include any secondary handicaps of a physical, social, and emotional nature.

Bursaries may be given to any special needs student and awards to a trainee, employee, or volunteer who has shown consistent effort to perform to the best of his / her ability.  Such awards are to be used to foster community involvement, enjoyment, and independence.

Grants may be given to charitable organizations working with mentally challenged individuals and groups to improve their quality of life.  The purpose of such grants is to enable those persons to function in a meaningful and productive way and to enjoy the activities and events of an inclusive community.

Bursaries may also be used to fund the training and education of individuals whose interests / efforts are in assisting the mentally challenged to realize their full potential.

Interest accrued in this fund may also be used to assist in the funding of free music at the Twilight Concert Series in Heritage Park with consideration given to the attendance of ‘special needs’ individuals / groups.

In memory of James Patty and Friends this fund will sponsor one evening each summer of special entertainment as a token of his appreciation for the many musical, magical, evenings enjoyed at this community park.



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