Just $10 Campaign

Imagine what we could do to help an organization if everyone contributed just $10.  How much could we raise?

Every year Mission Community Foundation picks a project for their National Philanthropy Day project.  Over the last number of years we have tried different avenues to assist organizations such as: fundraising, clothing drives, Stone soup dinners, etc.

However, we have come to realize that really what these organizations need is funding so in 2017 we started our Just $10 campaign.  We ran it for 3 weeks through our website and the local credit unions and the participation levels were fantastic.

Recognizing that not everyone has the ability to donate large amounts and that most can afford $10, the board has decided to make this an annual campaign.  At the beginning of the year they will choose a charity and all funds collected to the Just $10 campaign will be released at the end of November.

This year our project is: Fraser House Society

Just $10 for Fraser House

Substance use and addiction affect families.  Children and youth need our support as they grow and face life decisions including those around substance use.

The Youth programs at Fraser House offer support through Prevention, Health Promotion and Counselling.  The youth team spends time in our schools, in the community, in the office and programs include counselling, recreation, bike riding, hikes and more.

Please join us in supporting Mission children, youth and families through the work of Fraser House.

If everyone donates just $10, think of how much money we can raise.

Photo courtesy of Laurel Weiss who won an award for it from MADD in 2005.

Note: The Mission Foundation requires your mailing address to process donations and to issue tax receipts.  Please check the box on the PayPal screen to share your mailing address with us.


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