Public Art Endowment Fund (9-072)

Providing funds to support public art which is accessible, has aesthetic qualities, reflects the values and beliefs of the community and celebrates our rich heritage.   The artwork may be permanent, semi-permanent, functional, temporary, or visiting and includes all forms of art and performance.  The fund will promote all forms of culture including the arts, multiculturalism, heritage resources and cultural activities as practices and creative aspirations of the people who reside within the area defined by the boundaries of MPSD#75.  Selection process will ensure that qualified art work provides a variety of arts & cultural expressions that reflect the heritage & diversity of local citizens.  Applications must include plan for maintenance of artwork.  This fund will fund up to 60% of the overall project budget.


5 categories of art may be supported:  A) site specific art that gets its inspiration from the site and could not exist elsewhere. B) Semi-integrated art which gets its inspiration to a certain extent from some aspect of the site, but could exist in a number of different sites that have similar physical and conceptual conditions. C) discreet art that is not at all dependent on it’s locations, and which may be created off site and moved into place.  D) community art in which people’s experience of their community becomes part of the art that allows people to express their concerns, goals and vision. E) performance art which includes theatre, music, dance, media, virtual exhibits, celebrations of community diversity or our many festivals.

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