Grant Information

Mission Community Foundation Grants

We offer grants to qualified charitable organizations in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. See the information below to determine of your organization is eligible for funding.


The purpose of the Mission Community Foundation’s Grant Program is to provide monies to qualified charitable organizations based on availability and need to assist them in improving the Community of Mission.

There will be two grant cycles in 2023 with a deadline of 4:30 pm.  The Deadline for application is: May 1 and October 1

Who Can Apply

Mission Community Foundation’s granting program provides monies to qualified Charitable and Non-for-Profit Organizations within the City of Mission, including the School District 75 catchment area, based on the funding availability and demonstrated need to assist them in improving the Community of Mission.

Grants are provided to projects geared towards health, education, arts and culture, sports and recreation, local environment, animal welfare, and social service.

Mission Community Foundation provides two grant cycles per year. Deadlines for application are May 1 and October 1.

The Canada Revenue Agency restricts the Foundation to assisting organizations within Mission and School District 75 catchment only. Therefore, applications from Organizations outside the City of Mission and School District 75 catchment will not be considered.

Who Is Eligible

Preference will be given to organizations that demonstrate projects will address community concerns that benefit a wide audience, are non-discriminatory, appeal, support, and provide direct service to the community, as well as assist in the relief of poverty and social needs.

Additionally, preference will be given to projects that:
• Align with the organization’s Mission Statement and builds on the capacity of the organization
• address underlying and current social concerns
• involves beneficiaries and local resources in the project planning (needs assessment and design)
• are effectively managed, encourage efficient use of community resources (joint use of resources), eliminate duplication of services, forge partnerships, promote volunteerism, and where project support is available
• create public awareness and have a lasting impact
• demonstrate innovative new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems
• the budget is co-funded whenever possible with reasonable expenses for activities proposed

Examples of projects that will be considered provisionally upon need and available funding for:
• purchase of equipment required for the running of the organization or a project/program
• printed materials for the project, including limited advertising;
• partial monetary support of 3rd party instructors, contractors, and honorariums
• the transportation of participants registered for the project program
• purchase of community-operated vehicles and fueling them will be reviewed individually
• land improvements such as signage, murals, and lighting will be considered on publicly owned locations when collaboration with the City of Mission is demonstrated
• Religious organizations running projects/programs that do not have a religious component to them
• school food programs will be evaluated based on school level (1- 6, 7-9, 10-12, Riverside) and social index
• daycares located in churches can apply for funding if they demonstrate non-affiliation and that religious programming will not occur
• organizations listed in the ‘Moral and Ethical Guidelines’ of the Investment Policy will be considered by the Board of Directors individually given social climate and disbursement instructions

Grants Will Not Be Approved

Charities and Non-for-Profit Organizations outside of the City of Mission, BC, and School District 75
• Individuals, salaries, sabbatical leaves, student exchanges, scholarships, or fellowships
• annual fund drives
• establishment of or addition to endowment funds, paying down mortgages, or reducing deficits
• Capital expenses or new construction projects, preventative maintenance or operating expenses
• projects already underway or completed
• political activities
• Duplicated services already provided by another community group
• religious organizations in the establishment and delivery of a religious program(s)
• Travel expenses of staff and third-party contractors
• Cost of seminars, conferences, symposia, or annual events
• Private schools, including church supported
• for projects/programs that are currently funded in another open (not finalized) grant

Grant Application Form


Click the link below to download the Mission Community Foundation Grant Application Form:

Fillable PDF version: MCF Grant Application Form

Word Version:  MCF Grant app in MS word





Application Approval Process

All applications are reviewed by the Mission Community Foundations Distribution Committee and upon review by members of the committee, you may or may not be contacted for further information regarding your project.

The Distribution Committee then meets to consider all grant applications and makes their recommendations to the Board of Directors.  All grant applications will receive written notification of the Board’s decision. Applications will receive a Grant Agreement Form whereby they agree that they have the authorization to request funds and that they will use the funding as prescribed in their grant application; this form must be duly signed and returned to our office to complete the application process.  They will also receive additional forms for request of payment and final reporting.

All approved grants will be authorized in effect for 6 months from the date of notification and unless acted upon within that time may be cancelled automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to the project must be forwarded to Mission Community Foundation Distribution Committee for review and re-approval.

After You’ve Received Your Grant

You will be requested to submit a final report that includes:

  • a report on the project when it’s completed, indicating the success of the project/impact on participant;
  • a financial breakdown of how the funds were spent; and,
  • public recognition of the support received from Mission Community Foundation, which may include photographs of grant recipients.



Past Grant Recipients



Click to view and download a PDF of all Mission Community Foundation Grants awarded from 1988 to Present (2016).

Grants Awarded 1988 to Current MASTER