A Community Foundation is only as strong as its endowment funds.  Mission Community Foundation recently announced that it would like to increase its endowment equity $2,000,000.00 by the year 2020.

Hearing that call to action, Rosemary & Gerry Nemanishen have created a new Endowment Fund.  Long-time residents of Mission and deeply involved in community activities, they saw a need for support in the Humanities and the “Caring Fund” was created and is ready for distribution in 2018.

The Caring Fund is a granting fund that will provide grants to organizations that are involved in the care of the residents of Mission in need.  If we do not receive applications for that purpose, there is a secondary option to assist in initiatives or projects that contribute to the arts, culture or heritage of Mission.

This is an open endowment fund. Any monies donated to this fund are added to the capital of the fund thus increasing the interest earned that will then be available for distribution.

We encourage you to contribute to this fund or to one of our other existing funds or to start your own.

To find out how, contact our Executive Director, Angie Hetlinger, at 604.826.5322 or email info@missioncommunityfoundation.org.  She will be happy to provide you with details and assist you in contributing to a fund that speaks to your heart.