Bursary and Scholarship Applications must be completed and sent to the Mission Community Foundation no later than March 1, 2024. This deadline is firm as the Executive Director must arrange for interviews in May and the Awards evening in June. This includes applications from adult learners.

If you have questions, please contact the Mission Foundation at 604 826 5233 or email at scholarships@missioncommunityfoundation.org.

The Application and Interview process has completely changed effective 2024, and we believe it will be easier for students to prepare. On behalf of the Mission Community Foundation and the many Benefactors who have made the scholarships and bursaries possible, we wish everyone the best success in this important process.

Adult learners are normally adjudicated on their application only (no interviews).

Following is the Annual Bursary and Scholarship Application and Interview Package, and the Adult Application package. As well, following is a copy of the chart for Bursary and Scholarship available.

Fillable Scholarship Application Form

Fillable Adult Education Application

Scholarship and Bursary Funds Chart