Did you know that Mission has a multitude of Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations that survive on donations? That without donations, they would have to close the doors?

As we approach the year end, people start thinking about where they can put their charitable dollars. Some do it because they need a tax break, others do it because they want to give a gift to someone who has everything they need, and yet others do it because the ‘cause’ is something they truly believe in.  Your reasons could be the same or completely different.

How can you give locally?

At Mission Community Foundation your donation is applied to the fund of your choice.  In 2017 we helped 56 students with scholarships and bursaries for a total of $58,000.00 plus two free tuitions, and have given out $26,535.00 in grants as well as an additional $2,000.00 through Canada 150 granting program.

We support many local organizations like Hospice, Food Bank, Mission Library, and Seniors Centre through funds created through the Mission Community Foundation.  You can support them with donations through the Foundation and all monies donated help build the endowment equity so that we are able to disburse more annually.

The opportunity to give where you live is now!