Bridging the gap for those in need


Thank you for supporting Mission!  At Mission Community Foundation we believe that bringing together generous benefactors and the strength of our community will help us enable the disbursement of scholarships, bursaries and grants for Mission citizens.  We help you help others!

There are many ways for you to help our community

The community of Mission is passionate about helping others.  Through the generosity of our donors, the Mission Community Foundation has 84 different funds created to provide grants and scholarships.  To assist in navigating this site, we have grouped our funds by type and purpose.

Our donors really believe in education.  Through the generosity of people like you we have bursaries and scholarships available for almost every vocation and each fund has been tailored to meet our donors’ wishes to further the education of our youth.

Our community shares common interests and goals.  With your help, together we can make a difference in Mission.   

Each fund was created with a desire to assist people and organizations in need. Although there is a common goal, each fund has different objectives.

All cultures express themselves through art, music and theatre.  Mission’s diverse cultural history is something to be remembered and celebrated.  Through these funds you can help support our arts, cultural and heritage resources.

A healthy community is a strong community and everyone should have access to safe and healthy homes, physical activity, and nutrition.  Donating to these funds enables others to have the opportunity for a better life.

These funds support vulnerable children and youth in our community. Our seniors funds help enrich the lives of seniors.

Your donation can support the needs of these groups in our community.

It’s a proven fact that pets provide health benefits to those who own them.  Your donation today will help provide funding to organizations caring for animals in need.

The 2020 Just $10 campaign will be dedicated to feeding hungry people in Mission BC, Canada. Help us help them, donate today!