Donate now to a Mission Community Foundation Fund


Mission residents need a painless way to help others in need within their community. Mission residents care about their community and creating opportunities for people to realize their dreams. But finding out about the people who need their help, validating their needs, and coming up with a way to help deserving recipients is a complicated task. Community-minded people need a mechanism that takes care of these tasks for them and delivers their hard earned dollars to people that truly need them.

“Mission is my home and I’m proud to be a member of this community. This is where I work, live and play. It’s the place my children received their education, where I landed my career, and where I’ve found life-long friends. I’ve been so blessed to live here, I want to pay it forward by helping others enjoy an amazing life here too. Even when I’m gone, I want my legacy to live on by supporting the things I cherish about Mission, and the people I care so much about.”

The Mission Community Foundation makes it easy for accomplished citizens to expand their legacy by helping other deserving residents realize their goals and achieve success within our city.



    • All funds donated to the Foundation are invested in Mission.
    • Your funds go to building the community in which you live to benefit you, your loved ones, your neighbours and local residents for generations to come.
    • What you invest will create a donation in perpetuity, establishing your lasting legacy for decades ahead.
    • Your donation will go to the specific causes within the community that align with your personal values and interests.
    • You can trust that close to 100% of your investment is going to community endeavors and the people that you seek to support. The Foundation operating costs remain at a record low 1.5% of annual interest revenue.
    • All donation recipients are vetted through a stringent application process. You investment goes to those who are deserving and truly in need of your support.
    • All investments made on behalf of the Foundation are prudently invested and funding from the interest revenue is used to support the local community. The Foundation is accountable to its members and the community; financial reports are available to the public for review.
    • As a registered charity in Canada, the Foundation is able to issue Tax Receipts for all donations over $10.00.


You can help us in one of three ways:

Contribute to an existing fund. We have 84 funds supporting a variety of educational studies as well as community projects. All publicly listed funds are now on our website and those that are open to donations have a ‘donate now’ button.

Create your own fund. Create a fund that speaks from your heart and make a legacy for future generations to remember you by. You can create your fund with available monies, set up an automated fund transfer, make us a beneficiary in your will, etc.

Donate your time. Donate your time to a great cause and consider becoming a committee or board member of the Foundation. We are always looking for like-minded people to join us in creating a lasting legacy in our community.

If you would like more information on contributing to a fund, creating a new fund or becoming a volunteer, please contact our Executive Director at 604.826.5322.