As we start 2017 we must sadly say goodbye to three individuals who have served on our Board of Directors for the last eight years.

gina-mcmahonGina McMahon has been involved with the Foundation in a roundabout way since its inception; her father, Albert McMahon, was a founding member and benefactor.  Gina has been active in almost every aspect of the Foundation throughout her time on the board, although her passion is definitely in the Bursary and Scholarship activities.  Her ability to target funds during scholarship or distribution meetings is something I aspire to.  Gina has and will continue to be a valued contributor to our committees and the board and I hope that we will see her return to the Board someday.



peter-robsonWhen Peter Robson joined the Board, he took over a newly formed committee that was dedicated to developing a profile for the Foundation and bringing in new Benefactors.  In 2008 we had 60 funds and $2 million and now we have 84 funds and just over $4.2 million in equity; I’d have to say, he’s done a great job during his time as chair of Development and we thank him for all his hard work.  Peters contributions do not end with Development, he’s also involved in the Bursary & Scholarship, Investment and Executive committees.  Although he will resign from the executive, I’m happy to report he will be staying on as a member for the other committees.


mike-miles-chair-website-photo-5919990There’s also Mike Miles, our retiring Board Chair.  He joined us in 2009, was immediately elected to the Executive and naturally became chair 4 years ago.  His informal way of running meetings that always end on time is amazing and his ability to read people and be the calm, rational, and sometimes persuasive voice of reason has enabled him to represent the Board extremely well.  He can leave proudly knowing that he was chair when the foundation created their market stabilization program and know that we are prepared for future market corrections. Michael has been chair through 2 administrations at the Foundation with barely a ripple to the outside public.  Michael has been my rock since I started with the Foundation, putting up with hundreds of emails, and a billion questions and the next Board Chair owes him a debt of gratitude for guiding me along as I have learned the ins and outs of the Foundation. Although Michael is leaving the board, I am pleased that he will remain on the Bursary & Scholarship Committee and maybe I’ll be able to convince him to come back someday.


lloyd-rashWe have also said goodbye to a long serving member of our family this year.  Lloyd Rash, Mission’s latest recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, resigned his position with the Foundation in the fall and we didn’t want to let him go without acknowledging the valuable assistance Lloyd has provided the Foundation over the last 15+ years.  He was a long serving member of our Distribution committee and had been a board member since 2013.  We miss having his input at our meetings and hope that someday he can resume his volunteer activities with us.



In closing I hope that you will join me in recognizing these great individuals for their contributions to our family and thank them for all that they have done to help us succeed.