Foundation Fables: Then and Now – Episode 18
Investment Changes

From day 1, the Foundation had a core group of individuals who managed its investments. This group bought and sold investments based on personal knowledge and group consensus following the Legal for Life: Institutional rules in Canada. With $1,000,000 in equity it was time to hire outside support in the form of an Investment Management Team.

Lonny Andrews of RBC Wealth Management, and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Industry, a Senior Discretionary Portfolio Manager, and Senior Wealth Manager was hired to perform the investment duties for the Foundation. He was tasked with drafting an in-depth Investment Policy that details Strategic and Tactical asset mixes using a Multi Asset, Multi Style, Multi Manager approach, Quality Guidelines, Concentration Rules, Moral, Social and Ethical Guidelines, Corporate Governance, as well as Quantitative and Qualitative review guidelines while following the prudent investor rule. Lonny’s team works diligently to protect our investments and maximize returns with our investment team. Lonny is still with us today providing maximum returns within our guidelines.