Nurturing Growth

It’s now 1986 and the real work begins.   Mr. Harris contacted Bill Walker, Gordon Ruley, Albert McMahon and John Weisgerber and together they researched and put together a proposal for a new Community Foundation.  In 1987, with additional funding provided by the Rotary Club of Mission, the proposal was taken to the local MLAs Austin Pelton and Norm Jacobsen to present at the next sitting of the B.C. Legislature.   On June 19, 1987 Private Members bill PR 402 was created establishing the Mission Foundation.

Now that the Mission Foundation existed, the next step was to receive charitable status from Revenue Canada Taxation Department (now known as Canada Revenue Agency or CRA). Letters went back and forth between Bill Walker/Gord Ruley and CRA between August and December of 1987.  The approval letter was written on December 18, 1987 and its official registration number was assigned.  The Mission Foundation was now able to issue tax receipts for donations.

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