Management Changes

When Mission Community Foundation started in 1987 it was run by volunteers. Board, Committee and management duties were handled by a core group of individuals. Administrative duties were volunteered by Board members who had administrative staff and/or family members.

In the early/mid 1990’s the Board decided to hire a part time administrative person to take the position of Office Manager. This person was responsible for ensuring the day to day administration of the Foundation was maintained and all action items were brought to the Board.

In 2017 the position was changed from Office Manager to Executive Director and the duties were adjusted to reflect the new title. Today the Executive Director is involved in every aspect of the Foundation from accounting to marketing and everything in between; striving continuously to smooth operations while ensuring the Foundation remains on-side with all Federal regulations and all within 20 hours a week.

In photo: Shirley Walker, Marie Waters, Debbie Mattson, Rita Dyer and Angie Hetlinger
Missing: Ian Waters and Michelle Gauthier