Maintaining Fund Relevancy

When a benefactor presents a new fund deed to Mission Community Foundation it outlines the requirements for award. The Board of Directors has the option to accept the requirements as presented or to negotiate changes that are acceptable to both parties. Once accepted it is the responsibility of the Foundation to ensure the deed is followed as described.

It is the Executive Directors responsibility to review the deeds periodically to ensure that the Foundation is following the intent of the deed as well as it’s current relevancy. The template used to determine relevance includes: Race, Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness or REDI for short as well as Foundation bylaws and policies.

In 2021 the Foundation, with approval of the benefactors, removed references to gender from some deeds and the Board of the Mission Community Foundation would like to thank those benefactors who have the forward thinking to enable it to make these changes as the social climate changes.

If you have any concerns regarding funds held within the Mission Community Foundations Portfolio, feel free to contact Angie and she’ll be happy to discuss, and when required, present your concerns to the Board of Directors.