Accepting Donations

As the world moves forward, so must the Mission Community Foundation. Accepting donations was originally a personal transaction that involved handing over a cheque or cash. In todays world there are multiple options for financial transactions and the Foundation wants to make it as easy as possible to donate.

With the implementation of its new website, Mission Community Foundation also enabled PayPal donations. PayPal is a fantastic option, however, they have fees associated to each transaction. The Foundation loses 1.6% of each donation and makes up the difference from its general operating budget.

It’s Executive Director, Angie, hates to lose money to fees, so other avenues were sought. In 2020 Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) were set up to the foundations main email address and benefactors were notified that donations could now be done through their respective banks; added bonus was no fees are associated to EFT’s.

The Foundation has also signed up to the Benevity Community Fund; a payroll matching system that allows for direct deposit to our bank. It’s listed on PayPal Giving as well as Canada Helps. In 2022 the Foundation received donations from the Facebook Giving & Benevity Platforms.

As times continue to change the Executive Director reviews opportunities and presents them to the Board of Directors who determine if the opportunity is beneficial to the Foundation.