Keeping the Public Informed

When Angie, our current Executive Director, started with the Mission Community Foundation in 2014, it was Missions best kept secret. Even today, 2022, may residents still do not know what the Foundation does; this is why it is telling its story through these blogs.

As funding became available, marketing campaigns were started. Facebook was already set up but did not have many postings just deadlines and announcements. Angie started looking at other Foundations and NPOs to see how they attracted viewers, what stories caught the most traction.

In 2019 the Development committee suggested Fund Facts; posting details on each fund held at Mission Community Foundation. With 85 funds, this was a perfect opportunity to ensure we had a continual presence in Facebook that will run into mid-2022. Postings on Fund Facts are published bi-weekly on Thursday and through these posts, the Foundations Facebook following is growing steadily. The added bonus of the Fund Facts is that it’s free publicity and some postings are shared multiple times.

It was also agreed that publishing in What’s On! would help increase visibility as the magazine has a 2-month exposure. Continued support of Mission Record advertising for new funds, AGM, scholarship & GW Cooke winners.

Quarterly newsletters are short captions of what is transpiring at the Foundation offices. Statistics show us that a larger than industry average are opened and viewed. This tells it that the information supplied is relevant to the viewers and they find value in what they read.

The Foundation also asks grantees to promote it by issuing press releases on grants provided to their organizations from Mission Community Foundation.

It is our intent to maintain relevancy in our productions with hopes that you, the viewer, will help us spread the word.

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