Working with Grantees

Over the years Mission Community Foundation has made minimal changes to its granting platform. The number of grant cycles has changed over the years, rules have remained consistent but forms and the way to submit them have changed. Additionally, federal reporting regulations have also changed the way that grantees report usage of funds received.

Angie, our Executive Director, starts working on grant files approximately one month prior to deadline. She reviews outstanding grants and sends emails to grantees advising that prior to asking for new money they must first submit their final report on the previous grant. There are a lot of emails and phone calls during this time as program directors try to figure out how to start a new when the old is still running; in some instances, the Foundations Board of Directors will allow overlap.

All grant applicants are encouraged to contact Angie if they have any concerns over the program they are trying to secure funding for; Angie will also assist in the preparation of the application form when requested/required.

If during the grant period an organization runs into issues with timing deadlines, facilitation, etc, their program director will contact Angie to request modifications to the grant. These requested changes are then presented to the Board of Directors for approval and their response is forwarded to the grantee to act upon.