Philanthropy Days

Mission Community Foundation has celebrated Philanthropy days over the years by holding luncheons/galas and events. In 2015 it moved away from holding formal fundraisers, instead turning to project or program specific activities. The Foundation held a clothing drive in 2015 and the Friendship Centre opened its doors for us; leftovers were donated to Fronya’s and Value Village. In 2016 the Foundation sponsored a Stone Soup Dinner; Board and staff were humbled by some of the stories heard around the table that evening.

In 2017 the Foundation started its “Just $10” campaign and proceeds from the first drive went to MY House. In 2018 funds went to Fraser House and in 2019 Camp Jubilee. In 2020 the Foundation shifted its focus to helping feed the hungry in Mission and gave monies collected to St. Josephs Food Bank and Community Services Food bank. In 2021 all monies collected went to St. Josephs Food bank.

This year we are re-branding the Just $10 to focus on school lunch programs. Since 2016 the foundation has provided $19,100 in grants to 4 schools who have either breakfast or lunch available to students who didn’t get a chance to eat in the morning or don’t have anything for lunch. Although we do have a food fund available, it’s drained fairly quickly and we find we have to give less than requested. It is our hope that the Just $10 can augment that fund and help us help the students.

Mission Community Foundation will be at MissionFest on August 13, 2022, drop by and help us help them by giving Just $10. 

Donations can be made via paypal (Donate ( or via Electronic Funds Transfer to (memo: Just $10).