Next Generation Appears

An organization knows it’s been around for a while when the second generation starts appearing. Mission Community Foundation first experienced this in our 30th anniversary year when Jane Green, the daughter of Eden Donatelli, one of our first scholarship winners, won a scholarship. It was during the same year that the Foundation started receiving second generation donations to funds.

In 2020 the Foundation saw grandchildren of a couple of our Founding Fathers receive GW Cooke awards.

In 2021 the 2nd generation of Board/Committee members appeared through Brent Rock. Brent’s father, Cliff, served on our very first scholarship committee and in 2021 Brent joined not only our Board but also joined the scholarship committee.

Its so awesome that the Foundation is now trickling down/through the generations. Starting with the 2023 awards, the Foundation will now ask has a member of your family won an award in the past? If so, who and when. We are doing this to record history and help future generations understand the ‘community’ in Mission Community Foundation.

This author hopes she will still be alive when the 3rd generation appears.

Photo: Cliff & Brent Rock