A Foundation to Build Upon

The next step was to build a Board of Directors.  The task of establishing a Board of Directors is not one that is taken lightly.  As trustees of benefactors’ monies, the founding fathers wanted to bring in people who, like them, wanted to see the Foundation grow and flourish.

The first Board of directors consisted of: Bill Harris, Bill Walker, Albert McMahon, Norman Cook, Gordon Ruley, John Weisgerber, Brian Appleby, Ronn Harris, Eleanor Lobb, Stubby McLean and Jeanne Price/Doug Parkinson. These pioneers in our Community help set the foundation on which the Mission Community Foundation was built.  Their foresight and dedication to the cause has helped the Foundation to where we are today.

From the start the City of Mission, Fraser Valley Regional District, Mission Community Services, Mission Chamber of Commerce and the School Board have held positions on our Board of Directors and that is not expected to change.  The Foundation looks to these organizations to provide feedback and expertise on our community needs.


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