Food = Fuel = Learn = Grow

In our last episode we briefly touched on Food Programs at Mission Schools. Currently Mission Community Foundation has one dedicated food fund known as the Rock Family Food Fund. This fund provides funding to purchase food for a number of programs throughout our City. However, the reality is that one fund is not enough to satisfy the needs of our community.

This is why the Just $10 Campaign has been dedicated to funding food programs at our schools. Every year Mission Community Foundation receives grant applications from 4 of our schools requesting funding so that they can provide food to those students who come to school hungry and/or don’t have lunches.

Because of limited funding, the allocations from Mission Community Foundation help put a dent in the need but it doesn’t cover it all. The staff at the schools are amazing at stretching every dollar received and somehow the scrimp and save enough to make it last.

BUT, how great would it be if they didn’t have to make it last? If they had enough to provide strong healthy lunches, snacks to every child in need?

So, this episode is a plea to help us help them. If you can donate, please do!

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