Shift in Marketing Approach

Mission has always had a big heart when it comes to charity. In 2018 the Foundation started to shift its marketing approach to showing our community what it has done since inception rather than fundraising in the traditional sense.

Our current philosophy is: If you find value in what Mission Community Foundation has done, then contribute when you can. We know it might not be today or even tomorrow, but sometime in the future, when you can, please consider it.

Through Facebook and its website, the Foundation started creating blog posts for each fund that shows what it’s for and how it’s awarded. This has increased the visibility of not only the Foundation but also its benefactors.

Community groups like Lifetime Learning Centre, Mission Hospice, Mission Seniors Centre, and MY House have dedicated funds with the Foundation and we encourage donors who want to help them today to donate to the organization, however, if the donor wants to help them tomorrow, they should consider donating to Mission Community Foundation as monies held at the Foundation will continue to give year after year.