2022 has been a very special year for Mission Community Foundation. It turned 35 years old, it received over $3.8 million in donations as at September 15, and it’s expecting approximately $2million more. The influx of new capital will enable larger giving for scholarships and larger gives for grants.

Through the Robertson-MacDonald family the Foundation has implemented their first Adult scholarship and George Cox Heptonstall followed suit. The new scholarships will be available with next years intake at the end of February. Look for details on our website that will be published by January 1, 2023.

Community Granting will also change with the new influx of monies. The Foundation will be able to support larger projects going forward as it is expected that the Heptonstall Family Fund will produce approximately $70,000 annually on top of its already established granting funds.

Mission Community Foundation is heading towards a new era and you are invited to join it as it helps you help others.