The First Committee

With the Board and Governance established, the next step was to create the first awards committee, known then as the Margaret Erskine Fund Committee; now known as the Bursary & Scholarship Committee. Members were Stubby McLean, Chris Finch, Evelyn Humes, Cliff Rock and Dennis Hovorka.

These pioneers set the process that, in large part, is still used today.  All applications are reviewed and potential award winners are then invited to interview with the committee.  This process is time consuming as we allow 15 minutes per interview; however, the committee feels that it gives them greater insight into the individuals applying.  For some students this process is the first time they’ve been to an interview in front of a panel; let alone a panel of 4-6 people.  There are tears, there’s laughter and learning moments on both sides.

The people who volunteer for this committee are very dedicated.  They give up to 3 solid days for interviews and an additional ½ day to determine awards.   They will then make themselves available to hand out awards for benefactors who are unable to make it to the ceremony.  “Intense but fun” is the description used by current members of this committee.

The first award recipients from the Erskine Fund, Eden Donatelli, Jeff Harrison, Matthew Boser, Colleen Sharpe, Delia Smeeth & Kevin Sutherland, will be forever memorialized in our history.


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