Trailblazing Funds

As the Foundation was growing, new opportunities for funds presented themselves.

In 1990 the Foundation was approached by Bill & Hilde Sweeney to accept a collection of Aboriginal and Inuit art that they wished to return to Canada.  The codicil was that the Foundation would receive the artwork upon the passing of the Sweeney’s, it would keep the collection intact and display annually for a period of 25 years after which it could sell off the collection or donate it to a worthy group.  The collection arrived in 2005 and has been displayed annually until 2020 when COVID prevented the display.  Wanting to ensure we kept our end of the bargain; the Foundation created a virtual gallery for the collection and it’s available for display 24/7/365 on our website at:

Mission Community Foundation will maintain the collection until 2030 at which point it will decide what to do with it.