Family and community, that’s what the Calnek Fund is all about.   Don Calnek was the Treasurer for Mission Community Foundation for a number of years.  Recruited by Bill Harris in the 1990’s, Don was voluntold into the position.  Not that he minded, Don has a strong knowledge of fund accounting and his skills fit perfectly, he also has a strong sense of community and wanted to help us help others.

Over the years, Don noticed the different type of scholarship funds that were created, noting that a number of them had specific career paths in mind.  Recognizing that restricting career paths can restrict the fund, the family decided to make their fund open to any field of study at any accredited institution.

Don & Elaine’s son Steve plays a major role in this fund as well.  He helped contribute to the initial $10,000.00 endowment and we can always count on Steve if we need a top up to the fund to enable a scholarship on any given year.

Since inception this fund has given scholarships to 8 children totaling $8000.

If you are interested in helping a student further their educational dreams, donate today!