When you see people in need and have the ability to help you do.

Long-time residents involved in healthcare who also have a passion for the arts, our benefactors want to ensure there is a vehicle in place to help organizations that help people in need.

The primary goal of this fund is to provide grants for programs and projects to groups that support people in developing or maintaining life skills as well as giving a helping hand in a time of need. Organizations like:
• St. Joseph’s Food Bank
• Mission Food Bank (MCSS)
• Sara House for Women
• Mission Youth House (MCSS)
• Rivendell (MCSS)
• Haven in the Hollow (MCSS)
• Mission Association for Community Living
• Fraser House

If there are no grant applications for Caring projects, this fund is also set up to provide funding for the development and creation of the Arts and Culture in Mission.

Whether its Caring organizations or Arts and Culture organizations, their budgets are never big enough to cover the need and this fund is set up to help them. When you give to this fund, your dollars will continue to give forever and you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped people in Mission.

If you want to help people in need, donate today!