Glen Kask is a writer, photographer and broadcaster who moved to Mission in 1974. While in Mission, he worked for the Fraser Valley Record (now called Mission Record) as the entertainment editor for a number of years.  During his career, Glen received all sorts of complimentary tickets to live events; he once received over 50 invites to live performances in 1 month and would often attend up to five events in a single week.

In 1994 Glen established the Glen Kask Theatrical Fund with Mission Community Foundation for the sole purpose of promoting local theatre performances in Mission.

“Establishing the fund with the Mission Community Foundation was my way of giving back to the artistic community some of what they had given me over the years”.  I could never have afforded to buy tickets to all the events for which I received complimentary tickets to this fund is intended to help those groups that were a help to me in my work”.

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The deed was amended in the early 2010’s to focus on youth art projects and has primarily been used by Mission Senior Secondary and Jesters Theatre since then.

Since inception, this fund has provided 13 grants for just under$8,000.00.  Monies traditionally used for costumes and props.

If you would like to help organizations like Mission Senior Secondary and Youth Unlimited Jester’s Theatre, consider donating today.