In early 2020 Mission Community Foundation was advised that it was named the primary beneficiary of Jack Heptonstall’s estate. The estate consisted of 120 acres in a prime location in Hatzic Prairie and Jack left the Foundation his property with instructions sell and create 6 funds from the proceeds. It was his desire to forever memorialize the family name in the community he lived in and loved all of his life.

Over the years the Heptonstall family was known for their community spirit. They were involved in the dairy board, diking board, schools, Rotary. The farm was also known as the place to go when there was a flood. They had the first tractor in the Valley and helped other farmers as time allowed.

During the 1948 flood many people moved their furniture and livestock to the Heptonstall barns as the land was above the flood levels. In 2021 when the Atmospheric River hit the Fraser Valley, the farm was called upon again to help the neighbours.

The executor of the estate sold the property in December of 2021 and has released partial funds to Mission Community Foundation in the amount of $2,727,000.00. The Foundation has been advised that there will be another cheque release after the final duties, fees and taxes have been paid. It is estimated that this will top out around the $4.5 million-dollar range.

Starting in 2023 the following funds will be available for use.

• Jack Heptonstall Bursary will be available to students entering Scientific fields of study
• Barbara Heptonstall Bursary will be available to students entering Nursing
• George Cox Heptonstall will be an adult bursary for ages 19+ who live in Mission and want to go back to school to improve their marketability
• William & Edith Heptonstall Bursary will be an educational bursary open to any field of study
• Elsie Dale Bursary will be an educational bursary open to any field of study
• Heptonstall Family Fund will be a granting fund for registered charities in Mission


The Dale family has donated multiple boxes containing the Heptonstall family history and photographs to the District of Mission – Community Archives. If you would like to see more information, we encourage you to visit the archives.

The Mission Community Foundation would like to acknowledge this incredible gift and what it will do for our community. This bequeath will be a game changer for the Foundation as it is doubling the existing endowment and therefore doubling its ability to help students and registered charities in Mission.

On behalf of the entire community of Mission, THANK YOU JACK!!