Mission Hospice Society Funds at Mission Community Foundation

End of life care is sometimes challenging and the Mission Hospice society is there to assist Mission residents in their time of need.

The benefactors who support Mission Community Foundation have created three funds that are associated to the Mission Hospice. They are:

Rock HOSPICE Fund Image

Rock Family Hospice Fund

Mr. Rock was a local pharmacist who cares about the health of Mission residents.  He started this fund to help the Hospice augment their programs and defray costs for running them.

Mission Hospice Society Endowment Fund

This fund, started by Vic & Hilda Hollister, was set up to offset the cost of training new volunteers.  Training is provided annually and while this fund can defray the costs, it does not cover it all.

James Muir Fund

Mr. Muir was a long-time resident of Mission who believed in giving back to his community.  He created his fund to provide supplemental funding to Mission Hospice Society to run their programs.

The Mission Hospice Society provides annual training to volunteers who deliver their programs.  Costs for this training are defrayed by funding from these three funds.  The funds also provide for additional programming supplied by the Hospice.

If you would like to help the Hospice please consider donating to one of these three funds.