Marilyn MacDonald and Glen Robertson moved to Mission in 1987 when Glen began to work for the City of Mission. They raised their three children, Meagan, Kate and Adam, in Mission where the children were educated, and we all became very involved in a variety of activities and charitable organizations.

Education has always been important to the Robertson family. Marilyn and Glen believe strongly that education provides the basis for strong communities and greater choices in life. As an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley and a long-time tutor and board member at Mission Literacy in Motion, Marilyn has worked with many people who have had to give up on higher education due to the costs and the time required to complete it.

While higher education is expensive for everyone, it is especially difficult to access for people with disabilities, single parents and new immigrants, some of whom are well educated but must re-qualify in Canada. It is for this reason that this education fund is directed that these groups who may need to take longer to reach their goals.

This fund is the first adult education fund for Mission Community Foundation. The Foundation thanks Marilyn & Glenn for starting the ball rolling for this much needed funding for our community.

It is anticipated that this fund will have give its first award in 2023.