Marilyn Boswyk was a well-known publisher in Mission, she was also a philanthropist with a desire to make Mission better for all and started several funds with Mission Community Foundation.

The Marilyn Boswyk Memorial Fund is dedicated to seniors activities; it was her wish to have a place that seniors could gather, share, learn, exercise, etc. Marilyn left $1,000,000 for this purpose and the Board of Directors split the funds into two halves. The first $500,000 went towards the build of the Boswyk Seniors Activity Centre; the remaining $500,000 has been invested in perpetuity. The interest income earned on the $500,000 will be distributed annually, without grant application, to the Mission Seniors Centre Association, again, in perpetuity.

This is an open fund and all contributions will help increase the endowment of $500,000 and therefore increase the interest income. If you would like to help increase the programming abilities of the Boswyk Seniors Activity Centre, donate today!