“A teacher is someone who takes your hand, opens your mind, and touches your heart”; this quote exemplified Marilyn McClinton.

Marilyn was a teacher and her passions for reading and teaching touched many young lives in Manitoba, Alberta and BC.  She pursued her career with the same passion and enthusiasm as she did with her other passions, hiking, skiing, running and photography.   Marilyn even owned a bookstore for 15 years; furthering her teaching of young minds.

When Marilyn passed in 2004 the teachers in Mission wanted to do something to memorialize her.  They contacted Mission Community Foundation and requested our assistance in setting up the fund.  Memorial donations flooded in and with assistance from Marilyn’s siblings the Marilyn McClinton Memorial Fund was ready for distribution in 2008.

The fund is a scholarship fund for any student pursuing a career in teaching and since inception it has helped 10 students further their dreams of becoming an educator.

Contributions to this fund are received frequently by Marilyn’s siblings.  If you’d like to help a student become a teacher, donate today!