The Mission Hillstompers Running Club held their first stomp in 1987. Supported by BC Athletics the idea of the run was to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in athletics. During their annual events they raised money for the Heritage Park Middle School trail restoration, and Mission Community Foundation for an annual bursary.

When the club was disbanding, their members saw a need for a bursary aimed at students who have a passion for athletics during their high school career. So the club created a paydown fund with Mission Community Foundation in November 2014. The fund is set up as a bursary to students from Mission who will continue the pursuit of excellence in athletics or a field of study related to athletics such as kinesiology, sports management, coaching, etc.

As a paydown fund, this fund will eventually disappear, unless people continue to contribute to it. If you are interested in seeing this fund continue, donate today!