In February of 1994, Charlie McPherson, President of the Lifetime Learning Centre Society, wrote to Mission Community Foundation advising that the Society wished to start a fund. At that time in our history, the Foundation offered a matching donor program and their initial contribution of $5,000 doubled to $10,000 fully establishing the fund and making it available for distribution.

The purpose of the fund was to bring stability to the Society by providing an annual income from the endowment entrusted to Mission Community Foundation.   Interest monies earned distribute annually without grant application to the society during the first grant cycle of the year, however, monies earned do not fulfill the needs of the society.  They also apply for grants annually to ensure that programs can continue to run.

Mission Community Foundation would like to see this fund grow to the point where it could distribute enough funds to eliminate the need for grant applications.  To do this we need your help.  Please consider donating today to help the seniors in our community continue to remain active both physically and mentally.