Atileo Negrin started the Negrin Fund through a bequest in his will in June of 1999.  The money was put in trust with Mission Community Foundation with instructions on its use.

Upon receipt of these instructions, Mission Community Foundation created the Negrin Fund with an objective to:

  • Fulfill the benefactors request with respect to the family plots located at Mission Cemetery; and,
  • Provide grants to charities within Mission for any purposed deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors in accordance to the stated objectives of the Foundation.

Interest from this fund has been used to provide grants to organizations such as: Mission Arts Council, Mission Community Services Society, Mission Association for Community Living, Lifetime Learning Centre, SD75 Dry Grad Committees, etc.

Approved projects include: after school programming, intergenerational gardens, food banks, dry grads, legacy books, improvements to seniors care facilities, murals and even walking trails.

The fund has provided 36 grants totaling $45,090.00 over the last 20 years. The family has made this fund a closed fund and donations are not accepted.