The sudden passing of a loved one is never easy and the passing of one that was loved by a very large community is compounded by all affected.  In 2006 Paula took her last breath and the community decided that her memory needed to be preserved.  Donations started to arrive at her service and within 6 months there was enough to start the fund.

Paula was a teacher through and through, always enforcing critical thinking and confidence in her students. She loved literacy, and believed all children should learn to read & write.   Her family wanted to ensure that love was passed on to future generations and as such they designed the fund to support students entering post-secondary training in a program leading to a career in which reading and writing can make a difference in the world.  This includes careers in teaching, creative writing, journalism, scholarly research and literacy programs.

Since inception this fund has helped 9 students with a total of $5,500 in awards.

If you would like to help a student with their literary career, donate today!