What do you get when you have a room full of community leaders interested in the arts?   The start of a new fund dedicated to the arts is what you get.  In 2010 the Public Art Endowment Fund was created with 1 specific goal.

“to provide funds to support public art which is accessible, has aesthetic qualities, reflects the values and beliefs of the community and celebrates our rich heritage”

Landing Page Image - Mission M PhotoThe benefactors wanted to promote all forms of culture including arts, multiculturalism, heritage resources and cultural activities as practices and preserved in the community.  This art will reflect the beliefs, experiences and creative aspirations of the people who reside within Mission, British Columbia.

Artwork can be permanent, integrated, portable, community or performance art and grants from this fund can comprise up to 60% of the overall budget for the artwork being created.  Although the Foundation was not approached for this project, the attached photo is an example of art that would be considered.

Your contribution to this endowment fund will ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to create and display their artistic interpretations of our rich culture.