Reel on the River FundThe REEL on the RIVER Fund is a granting fund that was created in 2012 with the goal of supporting the arts in Mission.

A group of Mission women interested in showing independent, Canadian and foreign films in Mission started Reel on the River film series in the fall of 2008. This was done with the assistance of Film Circuit and the Toronto International Film Festival. Their idea was to show films that would not normally be brought in to the local theatre. Their goal was not to make a profit but to be sure to cover their costs. After each series there is always a small amount of money left over. They decided that by using that money to create a fund with Mission Community Foundation, their legacy of supporting art, in this case film, in Mission would continue for years to come.

Since inception, this fund has given $3,300.00 in grants to support groups like Kids Art in the Park through the Mission Arts Council and the Jesters Theatre.

If you would like to support the arts in Mission, donate today!