Fund Facts: Robson Fund

Dr. Peter Robson is regarded as a true ambassador for the Mission Community Foundation. He volunteered on its Board of Directors as well as sat on every committee. He chaired the Development Committee while on the Board and served on the Bursary and Scholarship Committee long after he retired from the Board.

Peter started his fund while serving on the Board. He gave the Foundation a nominal sum to start the fund and advised that the fund will reach its minimum requirement upon his death as he’s tied the Foundation to his will.

The fund is a scholarship fund dedicated to students pursuing a career in the health sciences with special consideration given to those students who have overcome unique challenges.

Although the fund is not technically available for distribution, Dr. Robson has contributed annually to ensure an award can be given in his name. The Robson Fund has helped 7 students with a total of $6500 since 2014.

If you’d like to help a student study health sciences, donate today!