The Rock Family legacy started a long time ago when Cliff & Marjorie Rock had a chain of 4 pharmacies in the Mission area. They both believe in giving back to their community and Cliff had been involved in the Kinsmen Club, Mission Memorial Hospital Board, and served as chair of the Boy Scouts. Marjorie was involved with the Kinettes and worked at the family store. The connections they made while owning the stores helped them to get to know almost everyone in town, including the group that became the founding fathers of Mission Community Foundation.
The last store was sold in 2006 and during the windup of those businesses the Rocks started to get serious about estate planning. Now in a position to help the community in a very tangible and lasting way, they looked to Mission Community Foundation to help them meet their philanthropic goals.
Cliff & Marjorie have created 4 funds with Mission Community Foundation each with a specific goal in mind.
Rock Family Pharmacy Scholarship enables funding to students wishing to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. This fund has helped 18 students with $20,000 in scholarships.
Rock Family Hospice Fund provides dedicated funding to the Mission Hospice to cover costs of programs delivered. This fund has provided $ 11,376 in funding to the Hospice since inception.
Rock Family Food Fund provides funding to help feed those less fortunate in Mission; over the last several years it has helped provide funding for school lunch programs. This fund has provided $22,395 in grants so far.
Cliff & Marjorie Rock Fund provides grants to registered charities for community based projects/programs. To date it has provided $31,573 in grants.
In 2020, Cliff & Marjorie’s son Brent also started his own Fund named after his late partner; keeping the family legacy alive and growing.
All of the Rock Family Funds are open to donations from other individuals, if you are interested and able, donate today!