Vivian grew up in Mission and at a very early age she started playing piano. By grade 6 she received an honorable mention as an intermediate in a piano competition and at age 14 she tested at the Royal School of Music in Vancouver. Vivian was classically trained and often played Brahms and Chopin at local concerts. She also supported the arts at every opportunity by attending concerts and plays.

Vivian was a multitalented lady. She had published articles in the paper and offered lesions in voice and piano. She served in the Canadian Military during WWII as a WREN; playing at many Navy receptions. After the war she came back to Mission and held a position as a stenographer in 1951. In 1952 Vivian moved to Long Beach on a Visa; becoming a permanent resident in 1953. She became a Music Teacher and was a member of the Music Teachers Association of California. Records indicated that she taught for several years before retiring to a quiet life in Long Beach.

This scholarship was created in 2021 through Vivian’s estate. As no specific instructions were received, the Board of Directors has chosen to make this scholarship an open scholarship for all types of education at any accredited institution.

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