Mission Community Archives Endowment Fund

In 2012, Shirley Walker (1932-2020), an advocate of archives, established a permanent open fund with the Mission Community Foundation (MCF) for the Mission Community Archives. Since its establishment, income generated through the funds has been disbursed to the Archives annually and used to purchase conservation supplies to help ensure the long-term preservation of the community’s documentary heritage.

In January 2021, the Archives received a letter from the law firm of Taylor Tait & Ruley stating that funds from the estate of Shirley Walker had been bequeathed to the Mission District Historical Society (MDHS) for the Mission Community Archives. In December 2022, the MDHS Board of Directors decided to establish a perpetual remembrance of Shirley’s donation and created an Agency Fund with Mission Community Foundation. The Foundation Board approved $20,000 to create a permanent endowment that will produce income annually and be disbursed automatically. The Foundation also approved an additional $20,000 to be placed in a distribution on-demand account for future projects.

The endowment fund will enable the ongoing allocation of funds to support the mandate of the Mission Community Archives to safeguard and make accessible the area’s documentary heritage for present and future generations to discover, use, and learn from.

This Fund is open to donations. Please consider giving the past a future and donate today!

Donations can be made online through PayPal via the link below.
EFTs are also accepted via info@missioncommunityfoudation.org.
Cheques can be mailed to: PO Box 3427, Mission BC, V2V 4J5.

Donations should specify if the monies are to be allocated to the permanent endowment for future use or the distribution fund for current use and special projects of the Archives.

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