Hollister UFV Science/Tech Scholarship

Hollister FundStrong advocates for the youth of our community, Vic & Hilda Hollister believed in post-secondary education.

“Students are our country’s future, I want to do everything I can to help students afford a quality university education”.  ~ Victor Hollister

While serving on a task force in the early 90’s, Vic investigated different ways to improve the transition rate from high school to post-secondary schooling amongst Mission students.

 “When we first moved here, it seemed like there weren’t a lot of graduates going on to post-secondary education.” ~ Hilda Hollister

Vic discovered that distance to post-secondary education was a large barrier for most students and he worked on committees to bring UCFV to Mission.  With the opening of Heritage Park Campus, Vic’s dream was realized.

The Hollister family was important to the development of the Mission Community Foundation.  By creating many funds they donated 20% of the overall capital of the Foundation in the early days.  Funds created in the Hollister name are dedicated to education; and they also made anonymous contributions to other funds.

“Anything that was for the good of the community, Vic took an interest in” ~ Doug Adair, former DOM Councilor.

The Hollister funds held at Mission Community Foundation are dedicated to advancing our community through higher education.

This fund will provide one year free tuition to the University of the Fraser Valley and, when funding allows, a minimum of $1000 from Mission Community Foundation, to two graduating Mission students accepted in Applied or Basic Sciences.

If you would like to help a student study sciences at UFV, donate today!

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