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This Fund was started by Phillip and his mother Edith in 2002.

Phillip was a millwright by trade working on the big machines in pulp.

His parents lived on Denman Island and owned an oyster farm prior to Mission due to ill health.  Edith followed her husband to many countries, for his work, and worked alongside him doing agricultural work in these countries.

Edith loved gardening and continued to grow and give away produce to friends to the end.  She lived her life doing the things she enjoyed and will be remembered for her kindness and generosity.

After travelling with his work to many countries, Phillip retired in Mission where he enjoyed working for the community.

Big supporters of the Catholic church and wanted to ensure that students who attended their parish were able to apply for a scholarship.  The fund is open to any field of education.

Criteria: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church must confirm attendance prior to award.

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