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Grant Information

Mission Community Foundation Grants

We offer grants to qualified charitable organizations in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. See the information below to determine of your organization is eligible for funding.


The purpose of the Mission Community Foundation’s Grant Program is to provide monies to qualified organizations based on availability and need to assist them in improving the Community of Mission.

There will be tone grant cycle in 2020 with a deadline of 4:30 pm.  The Deadline for application is: October 1

Who Can Apply

We are mandated by Guidelines set down by the Canadian Revenue Agencies Income Tax Act.  In general it lists four types of Charitable Organizations eligible for funding:

  • Relief of Poverty
  • Relief of Social Need
  • Advancement of Education
  • Activities Beneficial to the Community

The basic intent of these four types is that they apply to a significant portion of the General Public.

Who Is Eligible


Registered* Charitable Organizations who provide services which directly benefit:

  • the citizens of Mission District Area 2
  • the Public School District Area
  • the citizens of the Fraser Valley (where partnership or leveraging of funds benefits citizens of Mission, grant considerations will be given to applicants within the Fraser Valley)

(*Applicant Organization must have a Charitable Registration Number, or have written permission from sponsoring organization.)

Applying organizations must make services available without discrimination because of race, color, creed, sex, age, marital status or handicap.

The Foundation gives preference to projects that:

  • benefit the whole community;
  • promote recreational activities and the conservation of human, heritage or natural resources;
  • encourage more efficient use of community resources;
  • demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems;
  • address the underlying problems in our society;
  • promote cooperation and sharing among organizations, eliminate duplication of services;
  • participation of other funding bodies through matching or challenge grants;
  • promote volunteer participation; and
  • strengthen agencies management capabilities;
Grants Will Not Be Approved
  • to individuals; or for salaries, contract wages and / or honorariums
  • for annual fund drives;
  • to establish or add to endowment funds;
  • to pay down mortgages or reduce deficits;
  • to governments;
  • for projects already completed;
  • for political activities;
  • to religious organizations;
  • to private schools, including church supported;
  • for costs of seminars, conferences, symposia or annual events;
  • for travel expenses;
  • for operating expenses of established agencies or programs;
  • for sabbatical leaves or student exchanges.
Grant Applications - Online Application

Mission Community Foundation is now able to receive Grant applications online through the application form below. It is recommended to request copy of your responses prior to submitting your application.  This will generate an email to you detailing your responses.  Should you not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact our office and advise.

If you are unable to complete the application online, you can contact our Executive Director at 604.826.5322 and she can email you a word version of the form for you to fill in and return to the office.


Application Approval Process


All applications are reviewed by the Mission Community Foundations Distribution Committee and upon review by members of the committee, you may or may not be contacted for further information regarding your project.

The Distribution Committee then meets to consider all grant applications and makes their recommendations to the Board of Directors.  All grant applications will receive written notification of the Board’s decision. Applications will receive a Grant Agreement Form whereby they agree that they have the authorization to request funds and that they will use the funding as prescribed in their grant application; this form must be duly signed and returned to our office to complete the application process.  They will also receive additional forms for request of payment and final reporting.

All approved grants will be authorized in effect for 6 months from the date of notification and unless acted upon within that time may be cancelled automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to the project must be forwarded to Mission Community Foundation Distribution Committee for review and re-approval.

After You’ve Received Your Grant

You will be requested to submit a final report that includes:

  • an annual report which includes (preferably) audited financial statements;
  • an annual budget and where applicable, a budget for the requested project and show reasonable efforts to obtain some funds from other sources;
  • a report on the project when it’s completed, indicating the success of the project/impact on participant; and
  • public recognition of the support received from Mission Community Foundation, which may include photographs of grant recipients.
Past Grant Recipients

Click to view and download a PDF of all Mission Community Foundation Grants awarded from 1988 to Present (2016).

Grants Awarded 1988 to Current MASTER