John M. Green Swim Fund Bursary

Providing free swimming lessons to children up to age 17 in Mission BC Canada.
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John M. Green Swim Fund Bursary

The Mission Community Foundation John M. Green Swim Fund is administered in partnership with Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture.  Children / youth registered in this program have the opportunity to receive swim lessons free of charge at the Mission Leisure Centre up to and including the age of 17.

The information below details guidelines and expectations for application.

  • Fund is applicable to children ages 17 and under.
  • Grants will fund 100% of the cost of swimming lessons.
  • Participants may re-register providing they attend a minimum of 80% of their previous lessons.
  • Applications must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the start of a swimming lesson set to be considered and space in lesson sets is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

The Mission Community Foundation John M. Green Swimming Fund considers the social and economic barriers facing families in Mission when determining eligibility for funding.  A Financial Endorser is required to support all applications (section 3).


Parent or Guardian Requirements

Section 2 of Application Form

  • The parent or guardian of the child must initiate the application on behalf of the child.
  • The parent or guardian fills out sections 1 and 2 and passes the application to a Financial Verification Endorser.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure the application is complete and submitted to Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture. (Mission Leisure Centre: 7650 Grand Street, Mission BC)
Financial Verification Endorser

Section 3 (Please READ CAREFULLY)

The Endorser is the most important step in the application process.

This individual verifies that without Mission Community Foundation John M. Green Swimming Fund assistance, the child or youth would not be able to participate in swimming lessons.  The Endorser acts as an objective third party who is familiar with the family or youth and is in a professional position to assess the social and economic barriers facing the family or youth.

  • An Endorser can be a professional in social work or family services, a school principal or counselor, a senior recreation administrator, accountant, law enforcement officer, a registered physician, or a priest or pastor.
  • Endorsers, other than those listed, may be considered if a hand written letter from the potential Endorser outlining the financial need of the family is included with the application.
  • Endorsers cannot be a family member (immediate or extended).


Grant Distribution

Upon receipt of a completed application, a review and approval is completed.  Payment for the lessons arranged directly between Mission Community Foundation John M. Green Swimming Fund and Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture.  Approved applicants must still register at the Mission Leisure Centre for the approved swimming lessons.

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for review of your application; processing time will vary depending on availability of funds.




Application Approval

Notification of the status of the application is sent to the parent or guardian or youth as soon as possible.

The bursary is approved for the applicant only; no portion of the bursary can be transferred to someone else.



Privacy / Confidentiality

Mission Community Foundation respects your privacy; however, Canada Revenue Agency and the benefactor require reporting on certain statistics about this bursary program.  These statistics include: (name), age of participant, attendance, and lessons received.

Mission Community Foundation does not sell, trade, or loan your information to any other organization.  Information provided in this application is used to administer the John M Green Swimming Fund. The information to be disclosed to those individuals as required to carry out the responsibility of their job, and to other organizations who may need to be contacted in order to process the application.

By completing this application form, you agree to have all collected information stored in the online database systems of Mission Community Foundation and Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture.



Application Form

Application forms are to be downloaded, filled in and dropped off at the Mission Leisure Centre, 7640 Grand Street, Mission BC.

NOTE: The application form is a fillable form.  You may choose to fill in the information prior to print & signing document.

Application Form – John M Green Swim Fund (2020-01)