GW Cooke AwardsOn Thursday, June 9th, 2016, the Mission Community Foundation held their annual G.W. Cooke awards presentation at the Clarke Theatre. The award, created by Bill & Shirley Walker to recognize their dear friend, is intended to honour individual achievement in math and science for Middle School students. It also reminds us that friendship and kindness are also significant factors in our contribution to others during our lifetime.

Student nominations are presented by the teachers and principals of the Middle Schools in Mission and in 2016, 46 students received medallions and certificates of achievement.

Congratulations all who have won this year, we look forward to seeing you again as you graduate from Secondary School and apply for scholarships.

GW Cooke Award WinnerA huge thank you goes to Emily Baker, a past GW Cooke and current Scholarship recipient. She took time out from her own sports awards ceremony to deliver an encouraging speech to our GW Cooke award recipients.

Emily left immediately after her speech arrived at her ceremony just in time to receive Senior Female Athlete of the Year, along with outstanding back for rugby.

Thank you again, and Congratulations.